Water Proofing

Water proofing service

Water Proofing Service

Water proofing is the core element of today’s construction technology. The word “water proofing” continues to be controversial and contradicting, since it’s impossible to facilitate complete expulsion of water from a concrete element. Fundamentally, the procedure is an attempt to expunge the possible amount of water or moisture from the concrete structure.

Owing to the excess water usage, meaning, adding more water than required for hydration, eventually results in the development of gel pores and capillaries, which enables constant but slow movement of water into the structure, thereby jeopardising its sturdiness. Concrete is different from metal due to its pores and capillaries, which enables the water under pressure to constantly pass through the structure.

Our team of trained and competent staff at COLOR, uses state-of-the-art water proofing techniques, resulting in optimal customer satisfaction. Our sophisticated technology and specialised chemicals repairs and resolves the issue pertinently. Our waterproofing material eminently bridges the cracks, eliminates grotesque stains and masterfully beautifies the paint peeled off areas. Our comprehensive waterproofing solutions meticulously resolves all kinds of dampness and proficiently repairs the structure.


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