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Stencil Painting Service

Stencilling creates a pattern or an image through the application of pigment to a surface over a median object with designed gaps in it. It further enables to shape the image or pattern by resourcing the pigment to reach fewer areas of the surface. Practically, the stencil is a thin sheet of element, such as wood, paper or metal with design or letters shaped from the same, and further utilising it to create design or letters on the primary surface by applying pigment through the cut-out holes in the element.

Stencils are the exceptional and the most eminent painting techniques of all times and serve as the next best alternative for wall papers. We facilitate you to choose the design of your choice from our wealth of collection. Your house appeals scintillating and projects exceptional aesthetics with the new makeover.

Wall Stencils for painting are the best cost effective alternative to paintable wall paper, designer wall papers and large wall decals. You are enabled with the option to customise your wall décor with the combinations of your choice of paint colours and wall stencil patterns. The good news is, wall stencils do not tarnish the wall like the wall papers. No matter what kind of wall stencil you prefer, be it Moroccan bohemian stencil, modern wall stencil or damask wall stencil, your house begins to dazzle and sparkle with the new punch of pattern and personality.


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