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Wallpaper Painting

Wallpaper Painting service

Wallpaper Painting Service

Awaiting a way to breathe new life into your lacklustre walls? Choosing an appropriate wall treatment is definitely hectic, owing to the availability of numerous products in the market, thereby, confusing the customers in choosing the best one. Wall papers are available in variable colours and patterns ranging from peppy contemporary patterns to dazzling classical motifs. They also come in expansive finishes including embossed textures, vinyl, fabric, suede and many more.

Wall paper application is usually executed by proficient team, in order to accomplish a potential job. However, it is a lengthy procedure and requires ample time and patience, and same is the amount of time consumed while stripping the wall paper. A fresh layer of wall paper cannot be applied on top of the existing one. Nevertheless, wall paper application will be your long-time partner and one time application on the wall is expected to last about 12 to 14 years. Since wall paper is not immune to tearing, any unfortunate accident leads to redoing of the entire process of stripping and painting, which is extremely time consuming. Though wall paper is comparatively expensive, its durability is eminently longer and the same works out to be more cost effective in the longer run.


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