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Texture in painting fundamentally refers to the sense and vision of the canvas. It is based on several factors, in particular, the application of the paint and also the appendage of other elements such as lace, ribbon, wood, metal, sand and leather. The texture commoves dual senses including the touch and sight. There are about 4 types of texture in art including invented, simulated, abstract and actual textures.

Actual texture is all about the intensity of the paint appeal and the sense of feeling when touched. It is concomitant with the enhanced level of paint, such as impasto or the incorporation of elements. The thrilling aspect of simulated texture is, it has potential to create visual effect without adding it practically. For example, a texture may be shaped on a flat surface in order to give a different impression other than a paint. The classic illustration includes the Cataract 3, which was painted by Bridget Riley in 1967, creates the reflection of undulations on the paper through repetitive lines.

Abstract texture does not openly epitomise the object it is associated with, however, the notion of the object is translated in textual patterns. Invented texture is an ingenious process of appending alternative elements, in order to invent an appealing texture. Invented texture usually appears in abstract works, as they are non-objective. Needle texture is a demiurgic painting procedure in which tiny and distinctive lines of colour are applied in patterns to form a texture image. This texture is basically found in acrylic 7 oil colour.


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