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Free Hand Art Service

Freehand drawing is not CADD or a mechanical drawing. It is solely based upon your Eye and Hand coordination. In order to execute a freehand, one should be proficiently equipped with all kinds of visual forms. A puissant learning technique of gauging through the eye is imperative in a freehand drawing. It is indispensable to know the language of art, and the procedure to utilise the content and principles of art, along with the styles of art, to design scenes which communicate information efficaciously. One should be comprehensively mindful of the fact that effective drawings do not rely on outlines like cartoons but on the shadow forms and light shades to generate illusion of 3D space on a 2D surface.

A potential freehand drawing is when the draftsman doesn’t rest his hand on the paper which he draws, in fact, he doesn’t touch the paper during the course. Consequently, a distinguished drawing is executed, which is termed as contour drawing or linear drawing. In a freehand drawing process, usually, the pencil is held at the edge, opposite to the graphite tip by 90º with the plane of the paper. The most eminent and interesting factor part of the freehand drawing procedure is, it is executed in a continuous line, without any fills and touch ups.


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